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    • 06/02/2017
    • 06/04/2017
    • 3 sessions
    • Main Studio and on location
    • 2

    This 3-day Plein Air workshop is for all skill levels from beginner to professional. We work outside all three days weather permitting.

    Chris will do demos to show you how to get started and then we will all get going. He will focus individually on helping you improve from whatever skill level you are to the next. 

    We will touch on all aspects of painting outside from choosing subject matter, composition, mixing colors, seeing your subject and laying the paint down. 

    All you will need to bring is a great attitude, a desire to learn to paint from nature and your supplies, of course. 

    Please sign up early, class size is limited!

    Materials list

    • 06/05/2017
    • 06/09/2017
    • 5 sessions
    • Main Studio
    • 0

    Sorry, but this event is now sold out. You can join the waitlist and we will send you an email when additional spaces become available.

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    If you are uninspired to do color charts in order to learn color, this might be the workshop for you! 

    Experience the fun and magic of color mixing as you fine tune your sense of color by painting a Single-Color subject. 

    The goal of this class is to become familiar with the expressive qualities of hue, saturation, value and temperature when it comes to color. 

    Each class begins with a demonstration and lecture in order for the student to gain a better understanding of how colors affect one another. With greater understanding, you can compose and use color more freely and meaningfully. 

    Students are asked to have fun collecting a variety of items of the same color family to compose their still lifes. As you need to maintain a fresh eye when it comes to color, you will be working on 2 still lifes each day, going back and forth . . . . so bring plenty of stuff! 

    Please sign up early; class size is limited.

    Materials list

    • 06/12/2017
    • 06/16/2017
    • 5 sessions
    • Main Studio
    • 1

    This 5-day workshop will expand your language of mark making with pastel and mixed media. 

    Dawn's innovative approach to teaching the elements and principles of art will help you discover new possibilities for layering imagery, improving composition, and working with color. 

    Dawn will present concepts from her new book "Pastel Innovations" and guide participants through creative exercises that apply design-thinking skills. 

    Dawn teaches with an energy, patience, and generosity that will inspire you to pursue your own unique vision of art making. 

    All levels of experience are welcome to attend. 

    Please sign up early, enrollment is limited. 

    Materials List

    • 06/17/2017
    • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Main Studio

    This fun one-day class will cover everything you need to know about the wonderful medium

    of scratchboard!

    Scratchboard is a two-dimensional medium that involves the use of abrasive tools to remove a surface layer of one value (typically dark) to expose a secondary layer of contract value (typically white). 

    The majority of the values within the artwork is achieved by varying the amount of surface layer that is removed. We will explore different tools and techniques in both black and white and color, how to mix inks, and methods to create a variety of textures

    This fun introductory class is open to artists at all levels and will give students a strong foundation in the medium.

    Materials List

    • 06/19/2017
    • 06/22/2017
    • 4 sessions
    • Main Studio

    Come join printmaker extraordinare, Mary Sundstrom for four days of fun discovering the

    endless possibilities combining and working with multiple techniques to create vibrant,

    colorful, one of a kind monoprints. 

    Using a small table-top press, we will explore off

    setting water-color washes painted on Yupo paper, milk carton drypoint, inked stencils and a whole day of Gelli-plate printing. You will be delighted and amazed at what you create!

    All levels of experience will enjoy this class. 

    Please sign up early; class size is limited.

    Materials List

    • 06/23/2017
    • 06/25/2017
    • 3 sessions
    • Main Studio

    Join Ming Franz for this wonderful adventure in splash color painting. The foundation of this

    process is based on principles originating in Tang Dynasty China with a technique

    known as Po Mo.

    Essentially the artist freely “splashes” liquid color onto stacks of dampened sheets of mulberry paper. After the wet sheets are left to dry for several hours, they are separated so the real magic can begin: discovering if the resulting dried sheets are abstracts able to stand on their own, or if they can be enhanced with more paint, whatever the imagination sees in the heart of the work. 

    We will start with black and white splash and then move into marbling splash, crinkling and explore abstract splash. Splash using acrylic on canvas is Ming’s newest approach to splash color abstract painting. We will also splash on mulberry paper, Masa paper, canvas and wood panels using liquid watercolor, Golden acrylic and Asian ink. 

    A $45 materials fee should be paid directly to the instructor on the first day of class. Please see the materials list for additional supplies. 

    Please sign up early; class size is limited

    Materials List

    • 06/26/2017
    • 06/30/2017
    • 5 sessions
    • Main Studio

    Have you always had an interest in illustrating books for children? 

    Are you curious about the different types of children’s books and inner workings of the industry? 

    Come spend the week with award-winning author and illustrator, Neecy Twinem, who  will guide you through the world of children’s books. 

    Working from a provided poem  or short manuscript, we will cover the process from concept, to thumbnails, to  sketches and final artwork. She will show you different ways you can brainstorm ideas. You will learn what works for the different age levels and the trends in the market.  Most of all you will have fun exploring different techniques that can be used. 

    You don’t have to be a painter, as illustration can be in any medium, from collage, to scratchboard, to acrylic. If you have a simple story that you would like to work from, please bring it as well as your personal artwork for feedback. 

    Neecy works with each student individually to guide you to positive solutions to your story concept. 

    This workshop is open to all levels. 

    Please sign up early; class size is limited.

    • 07/07/2017
    • 07/09/2017
    • 3 sessions
    • Main Studio

    One of the oldest of painting mediums, egg tempera’s deliberate and linear technique was the perfect one for the spiritual, conceptual approach of medieval and early Renaissance artists.

    Today interest in egg tempera continues to grow as it has many advantages; it is water-based, non-toxic (based on the pigments used), and permanent. Within these specifications there is a wide variety of methods and style in which one could work. 

    During this workshop, students will experience a deliberate contemporary approach of portrait genre painting using egg tempera. Participants will learn important aspects of the medium such as how to make and properly temper fresh paint, methods and application of paint and gold leaf, incorporation of design elements, as well as exploring possibilities with mixed-media application. 

    Please sign up early; class size is limited.

    Materials List

    • 07/10/2017
    • 07/13/2017
    • 4 sessions
    • Main Studio
    • 4

    Join artist Frank Fuchs for a new way of looking at recording your travels beyond snapping a photo with your phone. 

    Students will learn quick on-site sketching and watercolor painting techniques with very portable and easy to use materials.

    Frank will share tips on how and where to set up, how to compose your sketch focusing on a specific area and how to use abbreviated marks and strokes to catch the impression of the moment. He will also present options for creating your personalized watercolor travel kit. 

    Individual instruction will be given to each student. Students will be encouraged to complete a series of quickly executed sketches/paintings. 

    Please sign up early, class size is limited.

    Materials List

    • 07/14/2017
    • 07/16/2017
    • 3 sessions
    • Main Studio

    Students who have previously taken Tom Blazier’s Clouds & Sky in the Landscape oil painting class are invited to attend this special advanced summer workshop. 

    Studio time will be devoted to painting and finishing pieces using one or more approaches covered in the Clouds & Sky class according to individual student’s preference. 

    Instructor lecture and demo time will be minimal, and emphasis will be on one-to-one time with the instructor. Students should bring their preference of oil painting materials, including painting surfaces, or the materials list provided for reference. Plein air gear might be needed if we decide to paint outside

    Please contact Tom at with questions. 

    Note: Previous attendance in Tom Blazier’s Clouds & Sky in the Landscape class or workshop is required to register for this class. 

    Materials List

    • 07/17/2017
    • 07/21/2017
    • 5 sessions
    • Main Studio

    Join Mary Sweet for this rare opportunity to learn this ancient yet simple technique.

     No press is needed as students learn to employ traditional Japanese methods in woodblock printing. 

    Students at all levels are welcome! 

    Working by hand, we will use kento marks for registration, barens and watercolors for ink. After carving the blocks students will have the opportunity to print either black and white or several colors using a reduction method. Once this method is understood, students will be able to continue on their own. 

    Please sign up early, class size is limited.

    Materials list

    • 07/22/2017
    • 07/23/2017
    • 2 sessions
    • Main Studio

    Discover the secrets of beautiful, symbolic, and harmonious color! 

    In this unique and intensive course, artists can investigate the fascinating intricacies of color psychology, effects of light and shadow, color harmony, and formal Color Theory. 

    Color exercises as well as more individual artistic exploration will enhance the ability and understanding of color for both the beginner and the more experienced artist. 

    Artists will leave the class with completed theory exercises as well as several personalized artworks. 

    All materials will be provided for a fee of $35 that should be paid directly to the instructor on the first class meeting.

    • 07/24/2017
    • 07/28/2017
    • 5 sessions
    • Main Studio

    In this 5-day morning workshop we will begin with simple exercises that utilize both observational and invented processes to explore the basic building blocks of image making, line, form, color/value and surface. 

    Drawing can be fast, flexible and instructional; putting those tendencies into high gear will promote paintings that have the freshness and animation of a drawing but also the deep color, materiality and presence of painting. 

    Using the drawings as a blueprint, catalyst, or test run, we will work the drawn images into oil or acrylic paintings that extend the original intention into full blown color studies. 

    This workshop will be both challenging and fun as you discover the infinite freedom of abstraction! 

    Please sign up early; class size is limited.

    Materials List

    • 07/29/2017
    • 07/30/2017
    • 2 sessions
    • Main Studio

    Don’t miss this rare opportunity to work with these exceptional collage artists, Charlie and Donna Aldrich! 

    Both use collage in their work as a technique and a source of great inspiration. 

    This two-day workshop will explore ways to develop creative ideas for painting while incorporating unique materials and techniques that may lead to new ideas about your work. 

    Emphasis will be upon fresh approaches to composition and novel ways to produce interesting images. Donna is a pastelist and Charlie works in acrylic and this workshop will focus on creating collage in both mediums. 

    Please sign up early; class size is limited.

    Materials List

    • 07/31/2017
    • 08/04/2017
    • 5 sessions
    • Main Studio

    This workshop will concentrate on developing the skills required to create a still life in the classical indirect method. 

    Indirect painting is a process where the elements of painting are broken down into individual steps. 

    Each day of the five day workshop will concentrate on a different element: drawing and design, capturing value, creating luminous color mixes using opaque and transparent oil paint, and finishing details.

     Mornings will be spent on exercises to strengthen skills in layering paint; blending and brushwork, rendering light and shadow on a lit form, and glazing transparent color. The afternoons will be spent using the skills practiced to create a simple still life. 

    Please sign up early; class size is limited.

    Materials List

    • 10/06/2017
    • 10/08/2017
    • 3 sessions
    • On Location in the Pecos at Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery

    Perhaps you’ve learned the basics of painting and you are looking for new inspiration or maybe you have a newly discovered love of painting and you want to work toward making real progress with solid instruction. 

    We invite you to join J. Waid Griffin for three amazing days of painting in the spectacular landscape surrounding Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery in Pecos, New Mexico. Waid will apply his vast knowledge of landscape painting and guide you through every step toward creating great paintings plein air. 

    Students will receive six hours of instruction each day on the beautiful grounds of the Monastery with access to studio space for critique and additional painting time in the evening. 

    The lessons will cover many aspects of the process of on location painting such as: how to SEE, how to analyze and depict the light source(s) and how to select your subject. 

    The tuition includes all costs; your room and 3 meals per day, so all you have to do is eat, sleep, and paint! 

    Please sign up early; class size is limited.

    Materials List

    • 10/23/2017
    • 10/27/2017
    • 5 sessions
    • Main Studio
    • 12

    This is a watercolor workshop for all skill levels, however, previous watercolor and drawing experience is very beneficial to gain the most from this workshop. 

    There will be a wide variety of watercolor techniques that will be discussed and demonstrated including positive and negative painting, composition, using creative colors, glazing, charging color, and many more. 

    We will begin each day with a demonstration painting that will be finished before lunch. The daily demonstration will be different each day so that you will see a wide variety of subject matter and styles including landscapes, floral, stylized, and abstract. 

    My preferred method of painting is to use large brushes for most of the painting and complete the painting with a small amount of detail towards the end using smaller brushes. The end result is a watercolor painting that is loose and fresh with expressive brushwork. 

    Each student will have the afternoon to work on their own painting with assistance when needed. There are no requirements as to what subject the student paints or what size they prefer to paint. 

    Please sign up early: class size is limited.

    Materials List

    • 11/06/2017
    • 11/10/2017
    • 5 sessions
    • Main Studio

    Alla Prima, Italian for 'at first attempt’, is a style of painting that has become fashionable since artists such John Singer Sargent and Richard Schmid exemplified how beautiful it can be. It is basically an oil painting done in one sitting while the paint is still wet, also known as 'wet into wet'. 

    Using this as our parameter, each day the class will paint a portrait of a different model. The instructor will demo most mornings in order to guide students with what they will work on for the day and will help students at their easels throughout the rest of the day. 

    The first two days the palette will be limited so as to focus on drawing and fleshtones. The third day will be devoted to color study. And the final two days we will

    combine the two approaches to produce portraits that have form, anatomy and color. 

    Students will leave the workshop with 5 alla prima portrait paintings, a greater understanding of the principles and methodology that paintings are built with, and having learned how to economize and simplify our 'seeing' in order to finish a portrait in one day.

    Please sign up early; class size is limited.

    Materials list

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